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Château la Mijane is a wine estate situated in Languedoc-Roussillon. The château was built in the 18th century bordering the Canal du Midi in front of the famous Cité de Carcassonne.

Roman inheritage

The château la Mijane is perfectly situated between the Black mountain and the Canal du Midi. The site was a strategic place during the Roman empire being situated on the Roman road: Via Aquitania .

The construction of the Château la Mijane

During the XVII century, when the famous Canal du Midi was built, many salesmen settled around the Canal and started trading as the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea were already linked by the channel.

Monsieur Tapié, a wealthy producer of sheets, bought the current area of the Château and settled a soap factory as sheets trade was booming at that period. In addition to the factory, he also built the bridge La Mijeanne, which still crosses the Canal. During the XVIII century, the trade is booming within the estate. The Château is finished, a vegetable garden and a yard to rest are annexed to the estate, a laundry and buildings such as dormitory and stable were built as well in order to accommodate the workers.

La Mijane et le vin

After the Channel was finished, another activity started within the estate. Thanks to its strategic location between Toulouse and Sète, Monsieur La Coste, the owner of the estate in the XIX century decided to invest in vines and transformed the estate in of the most important wine producers in all the department for that time.