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Near the famous Medieval “Cité de Carcassonne”, with the beautiful Canal du Midi running directly through it, la Mijane is a domaine shaped by history.Wine grower since the 18th century, la Mijane has stood the test of time in its majestic setting.
The vineyard covers a hundred hectares including 30 hectares of vines.
Oceanic and Mediterranean influences create a succession of freshness and sunshine giving a microclimate for developing complex, original and balanced wines.



Vinification method

Selected parcels
Cold pre fermentation maceration
Thermo regulated fermentation
Vatting period determined by numerous sampling
Malolactic fermentation completed
Winter bottling to conserve aromas


Cépage : 100% Grenache
Colour : Ruby
Bouqet : Blueberry and liquorice
Taste : Fresh and voluptuous

Tasting recommendations

Food pairing : Pre dinner drink, Charcuterie, grilled meat, cheeses platter…
Température de service : Between 14 et 17°
Garde : 5 years